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GMS WSQ: Supervise Team at Work





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  1. Form Work Teams
  • Nature of Teams
  • Skills and Knowledge of Team Members
  • Design an Effective Team
  • Team Capabilities
  • Team Goal Setting Techniques
  • Facilitate Work Teams
  • Team Issues


  1. Lead Workplace Teams
  • Team Performance Management System
  • Communication Process
  • Effective Leadership Skills
  • Conflict Management


  1. Maintain Team Performance
  • Review Team Performance
  • Engage Constructive Feedback
  • Problems Relating to Team Performance
  • Team Improvement Process
  • Record and Present Documentations
  • Follow-up Actions



This course is developed to enable an individual to acquire supervisory skills and knowledge in supervising and implementing work improvement processes in the workplace.

It is a systematic approach that workers can use to make incremental and breakthrough improvements in processes that produce products and services for customers.



This course is suitable for supervisory/managerial staff



Able to speak, read and write in basic English or Participants with the following competency ratings from the Employability Skills System (ESS) are eligible:

  • Listening/Speaking Min. Level 5
  • Reading/Writing Min. Level 5
  • Numeracy Min. Level 5



  • Lecture Presentation
  • Role plays / group discussion
  • Work assignment

Participants will be awarded the statement of attainment upon successful completion of the course



SWING GOH has over 9 years of experience in hands-on Engineering, Quality, Management and Customer Service in multinational corporations as well as multi-industrial sectors. She has actively participated in training programs conducted at Shimano, Seagate and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies – organisations known for their trailblazing quality and world-class training efforts.

She was part of a team at Hitachi GST, which involved LEAN project to reduce waste in customer audits.



Full Fee (Before GST):                        $500

Training Grant:                                    $168 (Non-SME),  $450 (SME)

Fee after grant (Inclusive GST):        $367 (Non-SME)*, $85 (SME)*

*Fee after grant only applies to Singaporean/PRs.



Class Duration: 3 days, 9am to 6pm

Withdrawal And Refund Of Fees

Applicants who have been accepted into a course and subsequently decide to withdraw from the course are required to serve notice in writing to SAAA Cargo Services Pte Ltd through their respective companies.

Upon receipt of the notice, SAAA Cargo Services Pte Ltd may refund part of the course fee as tabulated below:

Written Notice Received by SAAA Cargo Services Pte Ltd

Percentage of Fees Refundable

More than 14 days before commencement


Less than 14 days before commencement


Less than 5 days before commencement

No Refund

Enhanced training support for SMEs

  • 90% course fee subsidy
  • Enhanced absentee payroll funding available at 80% of hourly basic salary capped at $7.50/hr


SMEs are defined as companies with (effect from 1 Jan 2014):

(i) at least 30% local shareholding; AND

(ii) Group annual sales turnover of not more than $100 million OR

Group employment size of not more than 200 employees


Workfare Training Support Scheme:

Companies can apply 95% training grant and 95% absentee payroll for their Singaporean employee (35 years old & above, earning up to $1,900 a month)


Funding Eligibility

In order to enjoy the funding, companies and participants need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Sponsoring companies must be registered in Singapore
  2. Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) of Singapore
  3. Attain at least 75% course attendance
  4. Successfully complete assessment and certified as competent


Companies are to submit application via to enjoy the funding.