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IATA Cargo Introductory Course





14 May 2018 – 18 May 2018

13 Aug 2018 – 17 Aug 2018



01 Mar 2018 – 08 Mar 2018 (Exam Registration Deadline by 24 Jan 2018)

01 Jun 2018 – 08 Jun 2018 (Exam Registration Deadline by 18 Apr 2018)

01 Sep 2018 – 08 Sep 2018 (Exam Registration Deadline by 18 Jul 2018)

01 Dec 2018 – 08 Dec 2018 (Exam Registration Deadline by 17 Oct 2018)

Please note that you are AUTOMATICALLY REGISTERED for the next available exam session. The exact date, time and location of the exam will be announced. Three or four weeks prior to the examination date, students will receive an Exam Invitation Letter.



Key Topics

Operations at cargo agencies, airlines, and freight forwarders

Air cargo acceptance basic rating principles

Air waybill completion

Industry terminology and abbreviations

IATA geography, TACT, OAG, and other cargo manuals

Course Content       

  • Industry regulations
  • The air cargo agency
  • World geography
  • Using guides
  • Aircraft
  • Handling facilities
  • Air cargo acceptance
  • Cargo booking procedures
  • Cargo automation
  • Air Cargo Rates and Charges
  • The air waybill



Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

  • Guide clients on the IATA rules and procedures for air freight shipments
  • Arrange air cargo shipments in accordance with IATA rules and procedures
  • Apply published rates and charges for air cargo shipments
  • Complete air waybills accurately
  • Prepare shipments ready for carriage



This course is recommended for:

  • Newcomers to the industry
  • Cargo agent and air freight forwarder sales and marketing staff
  • Airline and manufacturer sales, reservations, and acceptance staff
  • Junior-level managers at cargo agents, airlines, and manufacturers



Upon completion of the course, participants can earn the prestigious professional IATA’s certification in Cargo Introductory. A pass mark of 60% is required. Participants receiving a pass mark of 90% or more at their first attempt will receive the certificate with Distinction.

The examination must be taken within the enrolment period.

  • Exam Delivery Method: Supervised exam in IATA Exam location. Physical Attendance is required. Depending on exam venue availability online exams are available.
  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice questions, Closed Text Book, the TACT training edition is required during the exam.
  • Number of questions: 100
  • Time Allowance: 3 hours
  • Passing Grade: 60 correct answers
  • Distinction Grade: 90 correct answers
  • Number of exam attempts: 2

Important notice: Please print the TACT training edition. This print out will only be allowed at the exam if there are no remarks or additional prints included in the print out.



Member / Non Member : $1500.00  (Price exclusive 7% GST)


Class Duration: 8am – 6pm


Please submit the SDF Training Grant application through the online WDA SkillsConnect platform (, if the participant(s) is eligible for funding. Upon completion of the course, company may proceed to submit the Claim through the same platform in order for the Training Grant to be credited into company’s account.

Withdrawal And Refund Of Fees

Applicants who have been accepted into a course and subsequently decide to withdraw from the course are required to serve notice in writing to SAAA Cargo Services Pte Ltd through their respective companies.

Upon receipt of the notice, SAAA Cargo Services Pte Ltd may refund part of the course fee as tabulated below:

Written Notice Received by SAAA Cargo Services Pte Ltd

Percentage of Fees Refundable

More than 14 days before commencement


Less than 14 days before commencement


Less than 5 days before commencement

No Refund

All prices are excluding GST