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SAAA e-Learning Programme

We understand the importance of Time. Time during learning does no necessarily need to take place in the form of classroom-based training. eLearning is one way that has completely transformed the way in which learning is imparted. it makes learning simpler, easier and more effective at individual’s own pace and timing.

SAAA’s upcoming Air Cargo e-Learning Program consists of:

  1. Introduction to the Air Cargo Business (20 mins)
  2. ULD operations (60-90 mins)
  3. Cargo Handling (90 mins)

These training modules are self-paced and learning is available 24/7. The participants are not bound to a specific time to physically attend classes. Competencies can be updated per demand.

SAAA has chosen to partner with Airport College International, who is a strategic partner of IATA. is a complete online training service for airlines, airport ground handling agents and logistics and has been an active  training academy for Europe market, particularly Finland.



Air Cargo Basics (previously known as ‘Introduction to the Air Cargo Business’) (Approx. 90 minutes)

Objectives and purpose

Upon completion of this course, a course participant will be able to:

  • gain an overview about the aspects of air cargo operations

  • learn different service providers and stakeholders and their role at air cargo operations obtain an overview of aircraft, equipment and air cargo airport operations

  • learn how to prepare air cargo for transport and rating principles

  • understand environmental and sustainable policies in air cargo business

  • learn the competitive advantage of air cargo and future trends


Key topics

  • Course introduction

  • Global air cargo business

  • Aircraft and equipment

  • Preparing cargo for transport

  • Air cargo rating

  • Airport operations

  • The future of air cargo


ULD Operations (Approx. 60 – 90 minutes)

Overview and learning objectives

The IATA has developed ULD Regulations (ULDR) for standards and procedures concerning the specifications, handling, restraint and maintenance of ULDs for operational personnel. This course is designed according to the training requirements outlined by the IATA ULD Panel and published in the IATA ULD Regulations (ULDR).

The purpose of this course is to

  • Provide information of the ULD standards and requirements
  • Provide skills for new employees or refresh the skills of current employees
  • Help companies arrange training flexibly
  • Help companies gain compliance with current requirements and recommendations 

Key topics

Comply with international ULD training standards


Cargo Handling (Approx. 90 minutes)

Overview and learning objectives

This course is designed for personnel to gain relevant knowledge, understanding and practical skills for air cargo handling standards and requirements.

The purpose of this course is to

  • Provide information of the air cargo standards and requirements.
  • Provide skills for new employees or refresh the skills of current employees.
  • Help companies arrange training flexibly.
  • Help companies gain compliance with current requirements and recommendations.

Key topics

  • Comply with cargo acceptance and other operating standards
  • Become familiar with procedures and operating practices relating to Unit load device (ULD) loading, build-up, storage and transport
  • Manage irregularities and cargo requiring special handling
  • Become familiar with general provisions and regulations (including Dangerous Goods), operational hazards and required security measures



  • These modules are designed for airlines, ground handling agents and logistics service providers to give their personnel basic understanding on Air Cargo Business.
  • All personnel involved in ULD handling. The IATA ULDR defines that operational personnel directly involved in ULD operations are required to be trained regularly on topics relevant to their job tasks and responsibilities.
  • All personnel involved in air cargo handling.



e-Certificate issued by Airport



Members $400.00 Non-Members $450.00 (Price exclusive 7% GST)



The course length varies from topic to topic but is usually between 15 to 120 minutes in duration.

A final test is being set at the end of the course to ensure that the trainee have assimilated the contents of the course.

Once the trainee had passed the test, an e-certificate will be automatically sent to the e-mail address that the trainee used when logging in the course.

Upon successful completion of the course, the trainee may either choose to print the certificate or keep it as e-copy.


Gentle Reminder:

Please check that you have audio on before you start to hear the audio narration. If you use Internet Explorer, please check that you have version 10 or newer.

The trainee always has a chance to go through the course again before the stated expiry date (6-month duration).

Course placements are non-transferable.


Withdrawal And Refund Of Fees

Applicants who have been accepted into a course and subsequently decide to withdraw from the course are required to serve notice in writing to SAAA Cargo Services Pte Ltd through their respective companies.

Upon receipt of the notice, SAAA Cargo Services Pte Ltd may refund part of the course fee as tabulated below:

Written Notice Received by SAAA Cargo Services Pte Ltd

Percentage of Fees Refundable

More than 14 days before commencement


Less than 14 days before commencement


Less than 5 days before commencement

No Refund

All prices are excluding GST