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Code of Practice for Chief Executives’ and Board of Directors’ WSH Duties

16 November 2022

In collaboration with WSH Council, SAAA@Singapore organized an online webinar, which featured a presentation talk on the Code of Practice for Chief Executives’ and Board of Directors’ WSH Duties on 16 November 2022.


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SAAA 48th AGM 2022

04 November 2022

On 04 November 2022, SAAA@Singapore hosted the 48th AGM 2022 at its new training centre in CT Hub.


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CBTA Dangerous Goods (DG) Sharing

July & August 2022

SAAA joins the collective efforts of CAAS in increasing the members’ community awareness on the mandatory establishment of revised Dangerous Goods training courses which include the competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) framework by 1 January 2023.


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Digitalise Your Trade Processes with Networked Trade Platform (NTP)

24 June 2022

In collaboration with Singapore Customs, SAAA hosted the virtual webinar titled, ‘Digitalise Your Trade Processes with NTP’ on 24 June 2022.


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CAAS One Aviation Careers

27 & 28 May 2022

CAAS, in partnership with NTUC, e2i and WSG, organized the well-attended two-day job fair titled the “One Aviation Careers” at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on 27 and 28 May 2022. SAAA@Singapore had been actively involved and strongly supportive in the three aspects of the job fair: career talks, recruitment fair and exhibition booths.


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SAAA-CPS Protective Security Awareness 2022

04 March 2022

In collaboration with Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), SAAA hosted the virtual SAAA-CPS Protective Security Awareness 2022 on 4 March 2022.


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SATS-SIA-SAAA Dangerous Goods Awareness Workshop

8 December 2021

SAAA hosted the SATS-SIA-SAAA Dangerous Goods (DG) Awareness Workshop on 8 December 2021. The webinar was well attended by over 200 participants.


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17 November 2021

SAAA@Singapore organized the 2nd virtual edition of the SAAA AGM 2021 on 17 November 2021. The event was well attended with 25 Ordinary Members and 3 Associate Members.


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3rd Edition of Air Cargo Day 2021

12 November 2021

2021 saw the welcome of the 3rd Air Cargo Day held in hybrid edition – co-organized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and SAAA@Singapore at Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy on 12 November 2021.


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Return to Work Safely with Regular Testing Webinar

20 October 2021

In collaboration with Abbott Singapore, SAAA@Singapore hosted the Return to Work Safely with Regular Testing Webinar on 20 October 2021.


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Industry 4.0 Human Capital Initiative Webinar

2 September 2021

The Industry 4.0 Human Capital Initiative (IHCI) Webinar, on 2 September 2021, saw the gathering of industry players, who were interested to hear on the business, organization and technology transformation.


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SATS-SQ-SAAA Paperless Tradelane Webinar

2 September 2021

SAAA hosted the paperless tradelane SIN-HKG webinar on 2 September 2021. The webinar was well attended by over 90 participants.


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Scams Awareness Webinar

19 August 2021

On 19 August 2021, SAAA hosted the Scams Awareness Webinar, together with Airport Police Division. It was an interactive and informative session to educate the members community on the various types of scams, as well as the means to handle scams.


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Known Consignor Regime (KCR) Webinars

4 Sessions in month of June

In collaboration with Airport Police Division (APD) and industry partners, SATS and dnata Singapore, SAAA hosted a total of four Known Consignor Regime (KCR) webinars in the month of June. The webinars were well attended by both shippers and freight forwarders, alike.


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Economic Outlook 2021

20 April 2021

The Economic Outlook 2021 was held virtually on 20 April 2021.


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Swab Tests & Vaccination for Airfreight Community

19 January 2021

The Airfreight community at Changi Airfreight Centre (CAC) underwent a round of swab tests for COVID-19. The swab tests were conducted at Cargo Agents Building C. This was held in conjunction with advance vaccinations rolled out for the Freight community at Changi Airport Terminal 4.


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COVID-19 Precautionary Measures at Changi Airfreight Centre (CAC) Webinars

12 January & 2 February 2021

Amidst the COVID-19 situation, the need arose for the Airfreight community based at Changi Airfreight Centre (CAC) to be notified on the updates on Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) directives for the COVID-19 Precautionary Measures at Changi Airfreight Centre (CAC).


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SAAA Virtual OctoWebFest 2020

21 – 23 October 2020

SAAA organized its very first virtual October Webinar Festival series from 21 to 23 October 2020. The event was supported by Enterprise Singapore.


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SAAA e-AGM 2020

15 September 2020

SAAA@Singapore organized its first virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 on 15 September 2020. The event had concluded successfully with the online attendance of 27 ordinary members and 1 associate member.


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SATS Cosys + Cutover Briefings

13 & 14 August 2020

SATS and SAAA co-organized the virtual SATS Cosys + Cutover briefings on 13 and 14 August 2020. In the sessions, SATS shared with the audience on SATS Cosys + Cutover timeline.


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SAAA Digital Payment The Way Forward Webinar 2020

19 June 2020

In line with the government’s push towards a “Digital” society and the target for Singapore to be cheque-free by 2025, SAAA hosted the “SAAA Digital Payment The Way Forward” Webinar on the Cisco Webex platform on 19 June 2020. This was held in partnership with HSBC.


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Place and Train Programme for Air Freight Forwarders Webinar 2020

22 April 2020

SAAA had organized the first webinar outreach session for the PnT Programme for Air Freight Forwarders on 22 April 2020. The programme will be available from April 2020 to April 2021.


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SAAA Members Night 2020

17 January 2020

On 17 January 2020, SAAA@Singapore hosted its first SAAA CNY Members Night– a splendid evening at NSRCC Fu Lin Men spent in delightful company of over 90 freight forwarders, embassies and government agencies.


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SAAA Fun Bowling Tournament 2019

1 December 2019

On 1 December 2019, Changi Service Club@Changi transformed into a battlefield for the teams of bowlers for SAAA Fun Bowling Tournament. There were two goals in mind: The 2019 Bowling Championship Title and Turkey prize.


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SATS Dialogue II 2019

20 November 2019

SATS and SAAA@Singapore co-organized SATS Dialogue II at Tanah Merah Country Club, Heliconia and Ixora Rooms on 20 November 2019. The event put the spotlight on two main components, namely, what had been done since last dialogue session and secondly, to attain ground feedback on the current pain points to further improve service level.


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SAAA Bicentennial D&D 2019

16 November 2019

In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Raffles’ landing in Singapore, SAAA@Singapore hosted its very first Bicentennial D&D 2019 at Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore on 16 November 2019.


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Air Cargo Day 2019

8 November 2019

The second edition of Air Cargo Day was co-organized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and SAAA@Singapore at Singapore Expo, Max Atria on 8 November 2019. The key theme of Air Cargo Day 2019 was ‘Airfreight Revolution: Navigating Our Future.’


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SATS Dialogue

30 August 2019

30 August 2019 proved to be an eventful day as over 60 SAAA@Singapore members gathered at SATS Airfreight Terminal 5 to hear from SATS on the feedback from freight forwarders survey and SATS cargo initiatives and improvement measures.


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SAAA Futsal Tournament 2019

21 July 2019

The 2019 Annual Futsal Tournament, held at Kovan Sports Centre on 21 July 2019, opened to the enthusiastic cheering crowd as 23 Futsal teams battle it out for the Championship.


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CEIV Fresh 2019

17 July 2019

On 17 July 2019, CEIV Fresh Outreach 2019 was conducted at Village Hotel Changi. The session was attended by over 50 participants.


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Breakfast Meeting with Mr Dirk Goovaerts, CEO for Asia Pacific, Singapore

22 May 2019

On 22 May 2019, SAAA@Singapore organized a Breakfast Meeting with Mr Dirk Goovaerts, CEO for Asia Pacific, dnata Singapore Pte Ltd, at Changi Village Hotel.


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SAAA AGM & Economic Outlook 2019

15 February 2019

Brain Mae Pte Ltd, together with QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd, organized the Cyber Security & Transport Liability 2018 at SAAA Training Centre on 16 October 2018.


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SAAA Fun Bowling Tournament 2018

25 November 2018

The Changi Bowl at Changi Service Club@Changi was the stage for this year’s SAAA Fun Bowling Tournament held on 25 November 2018.


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Cybersecurity Talk at SAAA Training Centre 2018

16 October 2018

Brain Mae Pte Ltd, together with QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd, organized the Cyber Security & Transport Liability 2018 at SAAA Training Centre on 16 October 2018.


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Cranes & Logistics Carnival 2018

6 October 2018

The Logistics & Cranes Carnival 2018, held on 6 October 2018 at the Trade Association Hub, was organised by the Logistics Alliance, Singapore Cranes Association and Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council.


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SAAA Compliance & Enforcement 2018

7 August 2018

SAAA Compliance & Enforcement 2018 had concluded successfully on 7 August 2018 with the attendance of 70 participants from government agencies, shippers, education institutions and freight forwarders.


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SAAA@Singapore Futsal Tournament 2018

22 July 2018

On 22 July 2018, 32 teams from 22 companies converged at Kovan Sports Centre for the highly-anticipated Futsal Tournament 2018.


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SP@EZ dnata Industry Visit

8 May 2018

8 May 2018 was a day of eye-opening learning journey for a privileged group of school principals from East Zone (SP@EZ) as with the joint collaboration between dnata and SAAA@Singapore, they visited dnata at Changi Airfreight Centre to listen on the airfreight industry as a whole and to learn about coolchain as well as a tour of the cold storage facilities.


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National Archives of Singapore’s Oral History Centre (OHC) Interview with Mr Steven Lee and Mr Alec Koh

5 March 2018

A representative of National Archives of Singapore, Mr Teo Kian Giap, conducted the Oral History Centre (OHC) Interview with Mr Steven Lee and Mr Alec Koh on 8 March 2018.


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SAAA Economic Outlook 2018

26 February 2018

On 26 February 2018, SAAA@Singapore organized its annual Economic Outlook 2018 at Changi Village Hotel, Square Ballroom.


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8 February 2018

On 8 February 2018, SAAA held the 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Tanah Merah Country Club (Garden Course). (


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SAAA Fun Bowling Tournament

26 November 2017

On 26 November 2017, SAAA@Singapore held its annual SAAA Fun Bowling Tournament at the Changi Service Club@Changi.


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Air Cargo Day 2017

2 November 2017

On 2 November 2017, SAAA@Singapore and International Air Transport Association (IATA) co-organized Air Cargo Day 2017 at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel and the event was attended by over 200 overseas and local professionals.


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SAAA Grants Seminar 2017

6 October 2017

SAAA@Singapore Grants Seminar 2017 was held at Village Hotel Changi on 6 October 2017.


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SGSecure Briefing & Workplace Resilience 2017

19 September 2017

On 19 September 2017, SAAA@Singapore SGSecure Briefing & Workplace Resilience saw managers, gathering at Singapore Aviation Academy Auditorium, to hear from Singapore Police Force (SPF), Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Central Narcotics Bureau of Singapore (CNB) on SGSecure, Workplace Resilience and CNB controlled substances.


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SAAA Futsal Tournament 2017

21 May 2017

On 21 May 2017, the Kovan Sports Centre became an arena for the SAAA Futsal Tournament. It was a fierce battle between the 36 teams to seize the spot to advance further into the next stages.


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Airport Systems Study Trip to London

15 May 2017

On 15 May 2017, Mr Ken Chua, SAAA Council Member, went on an Airport Systems study trip to London, together with Changi Airport Group (CAG).


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Study Trip to Germany and Netherlands

22 April 2017

The logistics industry collaboration and innovation study trip organized by SPRING Singapore brought together 24 delegates from JTC Corporation, Singapore Logistics Association, Container Depot Association Singapore, SAAA@Singapore, Singapore Transport Association, Republic Polytechnic COI-SCM and SPRING Singapore.


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Dangerous Goods Regulations Awareness Seminar 2017

21 April 2017

On 21 April 2017, SAAA@Singapore Dangerous Goods Regulations Awareness Seminar saw executives, gathering at Singapore Aviation Academy, to hear from both CAAS and SAAA speakers, learn and gain a better understanding of the transportation and handling of Dangerous Goods (DG).


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Economic Outlook 2017

24 March 2017

Increased global uncertainties may create headwinds for Singapore –such as the weak international trade and heightened uncertainty about policy direction in major economies of US and China — tailwinds, if the advanced countries’ problems are tackled and economies spring back to life.


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Operational & Human Resource Excellence Booster 2017

17 January 2017

On 17 January 2017, over 70 attendees gathered for SAAA Seminar held at Singapore EXPO’s Convention Wing, Max Atria. (content)


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43rd Annual General Meeting

5 January 2017

SAAA held the 43rd Annual General Meeting at Tanah Merah Country Club (Garden Course) on 5 January 2017.


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Thai Delegates’ Visit to Changi Airfreight Centre

7 to 8 December 2016

It was a learning journey for the Thai Delegates as they travelled through Singapore’s Changi Airfreight Centre (CAC) to meet with the various government agencies, freight forwarders and ground handler.


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Pave Ahead 2017 & Beyond

24 November 2016

On 24 November 2016, over 60 attendees gathered for SAAA Seminar held at Singapore EXPO’s Convention Wing, Max Atria. It was themed ‘Pave Ahead 2017 and Beyond’.


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SAAA@Singapore Bowling 2016

20 November 2016

It was a beautiful morning as SAAA@Singapore hosted yet another edition of its Bowling held at Civil Service Club@Changi on Sunday, November 20.


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Perspectives, Bridging Effective Connections in the Air Cargo Supply Chain

15 September 2016

SAAA Annual Forum was held at Max Atria, Singapore Expo on 15 September 2016, with the theme “Perspectives, Bridging Effective Connections in the Air Cargo Supply Chain”.


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Supply Chain Asia Forum 2016

7 and 8 September 2016

SAAA has set up a booth in support for the two-day Supply Chain Asia Forum. Our new corporate brochures were distributed during this event, providing more insight to what SAAA offers.


Air Cargo Terminal Shuttle (ACTS) SME Outreach Session

21 July 2016

SAAA conducts an ACTS Project Outreach session to educate the Aviation Community on the project and spread awareness for encouraged participation.


Airfreight Forward 2016

26 April 2016

Organized by SAAA@Singapore and sponsored by CAAS, the Airfreight Forward 2016 event brought together various stakeholders of the Air Cargo Industry with the aim to foster closer collaboration between shippers and freight forwarders.


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SAAA Futsal 2016

17 April 2016

The 2016 Annual Futsal Tournament held on Sunday, 17 April, opened to a large and enthusiastic crowd. More than 300 participants gathered at the Kovan Sports Centre, all excited to take part in the competition and have fun!


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Dangerous Goods & Supply Chain Management Seminar 2016

24 March 2016

Held at the Singapore Expo, Max Atria, SAAA@Singapore organized the Dangerous Goods (DG) & Supply Chain Management Seminar (SCM) with a purpose to help the Community to build better capabilities in DG handling and gain a stronger awareness in the importance of handling DG to prevent disastrous results.


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Study Trip to Netherlands and Germany

14 – 18 March 2016

SAAA@Singapore participated in the study trip to Netherlands and Germany from March 14 to 18 organized by CAAS Aviation Industry division. They learnt about the SmartGate Cargo Initiative, the latest air cargo industry trends and best practices at the IATA 10th World Cargo Symposium.


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SAAA Chairman Golf Cup 2016

8 March 2016

On Tuesday, March 8, Council Members including past Deputy Chairman, Mr Michael Yew, gathered together at the SAAA Chairman Golf Cup 2016 to tee off with invited guest at Tanah Merah Country Club, Tampines Course.


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SAAA’s Industry Consultation with Chongqing

2 March 2016

SAAA@Singapore had attended an industry consultation meeting organized by IE Singapore with Chongqing government on 2nd March 2016.


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We Turn On the LITES

21 January 2016

Organized by the Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management (COI-SCM) of Republic Polytechnic, the ‘We Turn On the LITES’ event was held at SAAA@Singapore Training Centre on 21 January 2016.


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SAAA Annual General Meeting

8 January 2016

On 8 January 2016, SAAA held the 42nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Tanah Merah Country Club (Garden course).


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Visit to Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics (HAFFA)

8 December 2015

On 8 December 2015, SAAA@Singapore and Changi Airport Group paid a visit to the Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics (HAFFA).


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SAAA Bowling 2015

15 November 2015

SAAA Bowling 2015 was held at a new location – Civil Service Club@Changi on Sunday, November 15.


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Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce Visit

5 November 2015

On 5th November 2015, twenty delegates from the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce visited the Changi Airfreight Centre.


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SAAA SG50 Charity Golf 2015

30 October 2015

After months of intense planning, the SAAA SG50 Charity Golf went into full swing on 30 October 2015 at Tanah Merah Country Club (Garden course).


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Focus Group Discussion

22 September 2015

This Focus Group Discussion was SAAA’s first attempt of brainstorming session to reahc out to our community on industry matters.


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Supply Chain Asia Forum: Rise of the Robots

9 – 10 September 2015

On 9 and 10 September 2015, over 900 delegates gathered for the Supply Chain Asia Forum 2015 which is in its 10th year running.


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Federation of Asia-Pacific Aircargo Association (FAPAA)

6 – 7 September 2015

42nd Executive Council Meeting and Annual General meeting was held in Taipei on 6th – 7th Sept 2015, hosted by Taipei Airfreight Forwarders and Logistics Association of Taiwan (TAFLA).


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Singapore Road Safety Council Gala Dinner & Concert

4 September 2015

Chairman and council members celebrated with Commander of Traffic Police, Mr Sam Tee on this SG50 Gala Dinner & Concert 2015.


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AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) Inaugural Flight

3 September 2015

The AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) Inaugural Flight Dinner Reception was held at the Grand Hyatt Singapore on 3 September 2015.


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SPRING Group Director Visits SAAA Office

1 September 2015

SAAA@Singapore is honoured to host Spring’s Group Director, Industry Development at our office on 1st September 2015.


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The World Civil Aviation Chief Executives Forum

18 to 20 August 2015

CAAS held the 5th World Civil Aviation Chief Executive Forum from 18 to 20 August 2015


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CAAS Aviation Open House 2015

13 to 15 August 2015

Organised by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), the Aviation Open House (AOH) united the aviation community in showcasing aviationʼs exciting careers.


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Quality & Standards Conference 2015

12 August 2015

Standards remain as an essential foundation for Singapore in the next phase of development.

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SAAA@Singapore Annual Industry Forum: Navigating into Aviation Future

4 August 2015

Held on 4 August 2015 at the Singapore Aviation Academy, this annual forum was organized as a platform for…


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CAAS Aviation Community Reception

24 July 2015

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) hosted its annual Aviation Community Reception (ACR) on 24 July.


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Civil Aviation Cyber Security

9 to 10 July 2015

The Civil Aviation Cyber Security conference brought together more than 200 civil aviation stakeholders and security experts from over 16 countries.


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SAAA@Singapore Visit to Rainbow Centre

7 July 2015

On 7 July, SAAA@Singapore Executive Council and staff visited the Rainbow Centre in preparation for the SAAA SG50 Charity Golf Tournament.


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CAAS Launch of the Heart of Aviation Gallery

8 June 2015

CAAS launched the Heart of Aviation Gallery, in conjunction with Singapore’s 50th birthday celebrations.


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Singapore Airlines Updates

28 May 2015

Two jetliners featuring the national flag livery to start flying to different cities around the world.


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SAAA@Singapore Industry Site Visit at
Changi Airfreight Centre

22 May 2015

Introduction to Singapore Standardization Programme. Last Mile Delivery Working Group – Visit to Practitioners in Airfreight.


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Road Extension works along Changi Coast Drive

27 April 2015

LTA is undertaking some road works to widen the existing Tanah Merah Coast Road.


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Launch of National Workplace Safety and Health Campaign 2015

24 April 2015

Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) launched the National Workplace Safety and Health Campaign 2015 promoting the message: “I can prevent all injuries and be healthy at work.”

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SATS – Coolport Academy, One-stop e-Acceptance

15 April 2015

On 15 April, SATS Ltd announced on a new SATS Coolport Academy and became the first ground handling agent in Asia to offer specialized training in pharmaceutical handling.


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DHL Express South Asia Hub

15 March 2015

DHL Express invests S$140 million in South Asia Hub at Singapore Changi Airport, supporting growing trade across Southeast Asia.


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30th Speedmark Anniversary

14 March 2015

Held on Saturday, 14 March, Speedmark Singapore celebrated 30 years since its establishment of the South-Asia Corporate Office Headquarter on the Little Red Dot.


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