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Air Market Express(s) Pte Ltd

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Air Market Express (S) Pte Ltd (‘AME’) was founded in 1987 by Mr Nick Soon because he saw a market gap that the company could fill.  Air Market Express is one of the first local specialists in the field of air freight services.  From a medium-sized freight forwarder, AME has grown to a successful full-fledged freight forwarder offering full intermodal transportation services for inbound and outbound cargo.

According to Mr Nick Soon, “The success of Air Market Express is not due to any secret formula.  There is no secret formula.  We just focus on doing the right things and doing things right.  Whatever we promise our customers, we make sure that we deliver on that promise.  If you look at what a brand is, it is all about promise and delivery.  Moving forward, we will continue to deliver on our brand promise.  We will also work on developing a more differentiated brand so that Air Market Express can become more competitive in the global arena by attracting the right partners and the right customers.”

Right from the start, AME understood the importance of forging strong alliances around the world.  The company has worked very hard to attract the right partners around the world which allowed it to serve customers beyond the South East Asia region.  Today, AME is able to serve its clients air freight needs to any part of the world.  It has strong partnerships with major international airlines and it has over 120,000 square feet of warehouse space in Singapore to accommodate its customers’ needs.

Furthermore, AME also launched a subsidiary recently – Air Market Container Lines Pte Ltd – to cater to its customers’ sea freight needs.  AME will continue to expand its services in areas that are important for its customers so that it can serve the customers’ needs as well as growth the company.  AME has also earmarked 2010 to revamp its Corporate Brand strategy as the company now wants to stretch itself to see how far it can go.


Nature Of Business

AME is in the business of providing logistics services to its customers.  As a full-fledged logistics provider


Business Model

This business model is being constantly refined and improved upon to ensure its relevance in a hyper-competitive and ever-changing logistics landscape.


SWOT Analysis

An overview of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that AME will have to take into consideration as it plans its expansion.


Core Services

AME has a team that is trained and experienced in handling all aspects of freighting documentation, customs declaration, application of certificate of origin/GPS, import and export license embassy endorsements and governmental formalities.  The company ensures that no matter what obstacles stand in the way, the customers’ shipment will get through.


According to Ms Tracillia Sia, AME’s General Manager, “We take great pains in learning what works in different regions.  Every region is different.  That is why it is important for us to know the peculiarities and challenges that exist within each region so that we can ensure that our clients’ shipment goes through.”


Growth Strategy

AME’s growth strategy is based on the following model which has two major components – innovation and marketing.  According to AME’s CEO, Mr Nick Soon, “Everything we do boils down to innovation and marketing.  Although we are not a technology company, we must still innovate because without innovation, competitors can easily overtake us.  We also need to market the company aggressively.  If we don’t, we will also be overtaken by other players in the market.”