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Cargo Community Network (CCN)


Back in 1991, with the emergence of the World Wide Web and technological advances, Cargo Community Network (CCN) was formed to introduce a cargo community system for the air cargo industry. With its many years of knowledge and experience in the industry, CCN has grown to become one of the leading global solution providers in the logistics industry by providing innovative solutions and quality service to all its valued customers and partners. CCN’s network connection continues to grow from the current base of more than 10,000 users in 14 countries.

CCN started with providing Spectrum, a PC based system that allows electronic communication between freight forwarders and airlines for their daily operations e.g. checking flight schedules, sending electronic bookings for cargo space, prepare and submit shipment related documents like the master air waybill and consol manifest. As the Internet technology advances, the system has evolved to the current web-based portal with additional functionalities, named CCNhub now.

CCNhub, is strongly positioned as a cost-effective, global community solution that combines the basic functionalities and extends new capabilities for the community to stay updated and compliant to the changing environment and requirements globally. Through CCNhub’s integrated platform, its community worldwide enjoys ease of connectivity with their supply chain stakeholders, accessing to a comprehensive range of solutions that helps companies to simplify business processes as well as to drive efficiencies and productivity. All stakeholders within the supply chain can collaborate, communicate and share information efficiently, so that companies can focus on growing their business.

Some of CCNhub’s expanded features include the following:

  1. Obtain real-time information e.g. proactive shipment tracking, cargo rates data
  2. Communicate efficiently with trading partners globally
  3. Exchange critical shipment information
  4. Comply with industry standards e.g. eFreight, Cargo2000
  5. Fulfill regulatory requirements e.g. Customs
  6. Facilitate decision making process with intelligent decision support tools

With the rapid increase in adoption for the Internet, most companies are leveraging on technology to drive business growth, efficiency and productivity to the next level. Besides CCNhub, CCN is constantly improving and expanding its solution offerings, to further integrate innovative solutions across businesses on a new social supply chain platform. This platform encourages social collaboration and extends your business processes to your network of co-workers, customers and partners. The solutions are designed with the following main capabilities in mind:

  1. Collaborate – allow smart and efficient collaboration through data at source and data re-use
  2. Manage – streamline business processes, manage information and promotes data visibility
  3. Comply – fulfill industry standards and regulatory requirements
  4. Connect – global connection to stakeholders within the supply chain and enjoys mobility with access on handheld devices

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CCN, with its suite of solutions aims to help the logistics community – from shippers, to freight forwarders, warehouse operators, ground handling agents, trucking companies, airlines, GSA and consignees. The solutions cater to different important functions in an organization – from Sales & Marketing, Customers Service, Operations to Finance/Accounts departments. Solutions include:

  1. Shippers portal
  2. Customs – Tradenet and CMD
  3. Rates and Quotation
  4. Operations Management
  5. Invoicing and Payment
  6. Business Analytics

As a Strategic Partner of International Air Transport Association (IATA), CCN is an active participant in the development of industry-wide initiatives like e-Freight and e-AWB, and is well positioned to equip our customers with capabilities to meet industry demands. In Singapore, it was awarded as one of the key solutions providers for eFreight@Singapore initiative endorsed by IDA and CAAS. By using CCN’s services, the community can be eFreight and eAWB enabled easily, embarking on the journey to be more efficient, to reduce cost and do their part to be environmentally-friendly.

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